Jason Buck Storyteller

Award-winning storyteller, author and celebrant

Jason Buck Storyteller and WolfDrawing on traditional favourites and introducing new ideas, Jason’s stories are told in the oldest and best ways – as live performances, for modern audiences and he has performed across the UK and mainland Europe, blending traditional and contemporary motifs, vocal sound effects and pure, unadulterated fantasy. Jason has been a performer most of his adult life, including cabaret and comedy, but his passion lies in stories – ‘there’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film’.

Really great story teller, informative, funny and highly expressive!!” Andrea, North Tyneside

Jason has written and published four collections of his own stories, won silver at the last ‘Grand Annual Lying Festival’ and ‘Best Bard’ at Profound Decisions’ ‘Theatre of Joy and Sorrow’.

Brilliant evening with Jason on Saturday night in Brighton. I have never been to a story telling evening before, and I am so pleased I nave now. I honestly could have sat and listened all night! Thank you!” Brett, Worthing