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Jack in the Blood: The Book of Ancestors

Jack in the Blood: The Book of AncestorsThis show is inspired by testing on Jason’s ancestral DNA and starts with a young Greek boy, growing up in Roman Italy, and follows his descendants as they migrate across borders through Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia to the present day. The stories are all original pieces, using the mythologies of the ages and countries.

This tour is being put together for Summer 2017 and more dates and ticket details will be announced as they become available

Southampton: The Art House, 178 Above Bar St, SO14 7DW (23rd and 24th of June)
23rd June Facebook details here. Tickets and venue details here.
24th June Facebook details here. Tickets and venue details here.
London: Betsey Trotwood pub, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BL (29th June)
Facebook event here. Tickets and venue details here.
Brighton: The Iron Duke, 3 Waterloo St, Brighton & Hove BN3 1AQ (7th July)
Facebook event here. Tickets and venue details TBA.

Previous shows…

Stories from the Winter’s night and Spring dawning

Southampton: The Art House, 178 Above Bar St, SO14 7DW (25th and 29th of April)

As the dark nights of Winter slip away and the green of Spring is waking, Jason brings stories from both sides of the season’s change: The dark horror of the undead, and the wonder of nature’s magic and rebirth…

Child of the Seasons
A young woman ‘born looking different’ walks into the icy forest with the intention of never returning, only to come back, with gifts.

The Staffordshire Dragon
Jack Bagnall’s defeat of a huge clay dragon is NOT a myth, but a cover up, perpetuated by the storyteller’s own ancestors! Why? To hide a secret or prevent a beast from waking?

Cnoc Feirme an Rí (King’s Hill Farm)
Seán moves his family from Dublin to a remote farm on the west coast of Ireland, but did the original owner of the land ever really leave?

The continuing misadventures of Kit Tool
After his vampire slaying adventure in Underwaldt, our hero heads to a new island called Blighty, meets the bizarre Brewers’ Guild and help brings prosperity to the land called ‘Blighty’.

Ages 13+

Stories Stories for Halloween (Southampton)

Stories for HalloweenStories of horror, death and the undead … with prizes. As summer ends and winter approaches the festival of Hallowe’en is a perfect time to explore the dark folklore of countries around the world. Jason brings together new and traditional stories from international folklore. And, just in case the darkness of Hallowe’en stories may frighten you, there will also be a certain amount of silliness involved … with prizes :) Fancy dress is encouraged and, whilst not compulsory, those who’ve dressed up will have earned themselves a cake when taking their seats. Nom-nom-nom brains … I mean cake! Early bird tickets available now (25% of all tickets already sold). Suitable for ages 12+ October 27th 2016.

Love, Death and the Devil’s Son

Love, Death and the Devil's SonOne evening, three stories: “Ink“: Be careful what you wish for, in this tale of tarot, tattoos and magic, set in modern day London “The Dream Eater“: In early 20th century Japan, a little girl’s grief brings nightmares, and she calls to her ancestors for help. “Love, Death and the Devil’s Son“: A re-imagining of the Orpheus Greek myth, set in the Southern States world of Afro-American Voodoo gods.

“Totally mesmerised by the many faces, voices, magic and adventure … the two storytelling sceptics I brought with me were blown away!” Ages 13+ Friday 22nd July 2016

Stories from the Woods and Wild Places (London)

Stories from the Woods and Wild Places“In a cave, on a lonely mountainside covered in ice and snow, there are two men. The firewood is running out. One is armed and armoured, the other has only stories with which to bargain for his life, and not everyone lives happily ever after.” ‘Stories from the Woods and Wild Places’ is a performance storytelling show of original fairy tales for adults. Performed by Jason Buck, storyteller and cabaret performer, the show is a collection of stories from real and fantastical places, where the trees grow tall and dark, the dead lie uneasy, the water is bottomless, the snow has started to fall and you should never … ever … stray from the path. Ages 12+ March and September 22nd 2016.