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‘There’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film’ – Jason


In the Art House CaféJason has been a performer most of his adult life, including cabaret and comedy, but his passion lies in storytelling. Storytelling – or ‘performance storytelling’, if you want to be a purist – is the art of performing stories, live, to an audience. Not reading – no books or cue cards – telling it direct, like we all do in day-to-day life with our friends and family, but this time it’s about conjuring pictures in the listeners’ minds, waking the excitement of life and death struggles, the sadness of grief, the elation of success, the ecstasy of love and the chill of fearful horror.

Jason specialises in dark fairytales that blend dark magic and uplifting love themes.

Jason has also won silver at the ‘Grand Annual Lying Festival’, ‘Best Bard’ at Profound Decisions’ ‘Theatre of Joy and Sorrow’, and written and published four collections of his own stories.

Per and Anja, from 'The Myling'

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Jason Buck Storyteller and WolfHe has performed all over the UK, from Southampton to Skye and appeared at Sting in the Tale festival and Romsey Storytelling Festival. He’s told stories in theatres; museums – including the British Museum; olive groves; gothic hotels; art galleries; schools, colleges and universities; pubs, clubs and cafés; cemeteries, and deep in the wild green woods.

Jason came to tell stories at Damerham Community Orchard event on a lovely summer’s evening in June. He’d done lots of research about the village and then tailored the stories so that the audience could relate to characters as they unfolded. Thank you so much for making it such a lovely evening“. Sarah, New Forest

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With archaeologist and broadcaster Mary-Ann OchotaStorytelling is for everyone, but different stories are for different people. Jason performs mostly for adults, but also for young people and children. Jason has collaborated with different people over the years, including artists and other storytellers, as well as archaeologist and presenter Mary-Ann Ochota (Time Team, Mystic Britain to name just a couple). Everyone has something to teach and Jason enjoys watching other storytellers to help with his own performances.

Jason has also told stories with a pack of wolves, as they roamed around the woods, threading in and out of the audience.

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OdinIt’s a bit of a compulsion: Jason says the stories can’t be stopped, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to immerse himself into the creation, research and telling of a story. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking performing live, but it’s a wonderful experience to be able to share one’s own stories and share in others’.

Jason has been inspired by both ancient stories and modern books and films. Influences come from disparate sources, including Viking and Celtic legends; animals, nature and scenery; shadow puppets; train journeys; playing the piano; graphic novels; drawing and sketching; The War of the Worlds (the book and the 70’s musical version); Bagpuss; wine and whiskey; H.P. Lovecraft; a wide range of music, ancient and modern; Fawlty Towers; woolly mammoths; dinosaurs; good food; bad food; goth stuff; children’s picture books; science, philosophy and religions … and his writing partner, Monty: a chocolate-coloured cocker spaniel cross whippet.

I have never been to a storytelling evening before, and I am so pleased I nave now. I honestly could have sat and listened all night! Thank you!” Brett, Worthing

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Jason Buck Storyteller performing at the Asgardian Heathen Festival