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The Dragon Club Stories

The Dragon Club StoriesBringing together traditional and new dragon stories from Britain, Europe and Asia, blending fantasy, folklore, mystery and folk history, for two hours of immersive and engrossing storytelling.

Absolutely stunning experience. Jason transported us through a portal of time and space, to a realm of mystery and dragons. The storytelling was full of heart. Just a magical evening“. Donna, Brighton

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Stories of the Vikings:
Creation, Destruction, Magic

Gjermund viking helmet… and an awful lot of giants along the way.

Stories from the Norse, legends of the Viking Gods,┬ástarting with the creation of everything, then off on epic adventures with Odin, Freja, Thor, Loki and the other gods, finishing with the destruction of everything … Ragnarok.

Jason transported us back in time, bringing gods and giants to life, effortlessly. If you get a chance to hear him book a ticket, you won’t be disappointed, it was a magical evening.” Sher, Winchester.

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