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The Dragon Club Stories

The Lambton Word

Absolutely stunning experience. Jason transported us through a portal of time and space, to a realm of mystery and dragons. The storytelling was full of heart. Just a magical evening“. Donna, Brighton

“Once every one hundred years, a group of people meet – the same group of people. They meet in comfortable surroundings, and retell their histories and their stories.”

“I was there on one of those nights and I will tell you what transpired, because they thought I wouldn’t believe what I was hearing, and you may not believe it either, when I tell you of their stories, their histories – the stories of Dragons.”

The Knucker - the Sussex dragons‘The Dragon Club Stories’ brings together traditional and new dragon stories from Britain and Asia, blending fantasy, folklore, mystery and folk history, for two hours of immersive and engrossing storytelling. Some of the stories are traditional, dating back hundreds of years, and probably much earlier in origin, while others are new and original stories. All are researched thoroughly and draw on history, folklore, and local cultures.

An amazing experience seeing Jason tonight. He transports you to a different world and is so engaging and captivating, left me just wanting to hear more and more stories“. Sam, Haywards Heath

View the Dragon Club Stories bookCheck out the book of the show, containing all four dragon stories with illustrations, the transcript of an 18th century document about a Sussex Dragon and even a recipe for the pudding that killed the mighty Knucker (poison not included), here…

Upcoming dates:

  • St Peter’s Arts Church (SPAC), Malvern, 15th Feb 2020. Tickets announced soon