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Viking stories at Butser Ancient Farm

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  • Stories of the Vikings: Creation, Destruction, Magic‘ – The better known legends of the Gods, from Creation to Ragnarok
  • Dark Norse‘ – Darker tales of the Viking sagas, including those of Odin the Gallows God, the Gold-Sickness of Dragons and the undead Draugr that leave their barrow mounds to hunt the living

Stories of the Vikings: Creation, Destruction, Magic

Odin's Raven - Munin…and an awful lot of giants along the way

Legends of the Gods, starting with how the worlds were created and what existed before, Jason presents the the Viking sagas, as they were originally intended – told live, direct to an  audience.

Jason transported us back in time, bringing gods and giants to life, effortlessly. If you get a chance to hear him book a ticket, you won’t be disappointed, it was a magical evening“. Sher, Winchester.

Mistletoe dart

Put the (albeit quite cool) Marvel franchise to one side and hear the original tales or adventure, treachery, death, rebirth, Gods, Giants, Dwarves, and mortal men and women.

Stories in the show include
– The Creation … of everything
– The building of Asgard’s walls and the birth of Odin’s eight legged horse Sleipnir
– The treasures of the Gods, and the forging of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir
– The theft of Mjolnir, and Thor is dressed as a bride
– Loki’s monstrous children and the binding of the great wolf Fenris
– The Death of the bright God Balder
– The imprisonment of Loki
– Ragnarok – the end of everything … and the beginning?

Even after just having read a bunch of norse myths and knowing all the stories; seeing them told in front of you the way its done here is mesmerising and feels like this is exactly the way they should be told“. Nikki, London

Upcoming dates:

  • Sweetwerks, Brighton, 7th December (£10 / £8). Facebook event here, tickets here
  • Asgardian Heathen Festival 2020, Peterborough, 20 – 23 August. Facebook event here, tickets here

Dark Norse

Dragon figureheadWhile Thor thunders, Loki schemes and giants blunder about, there are darker things abroad: The Dragon Fafnir and his obsession with gold, how Odin sacrificed his eye and then his own life – to himself – to acquire magic and wisdom, and the Draugr dead that leave their barrow mounds to hunt the living.

This collection of Viking legends breaks opens the lid of stranger and more sinister tales from the Norse heroes and villains, victors and victims.

Upcoming dates:

  • Sweetwerks, Brighton, 7th February (£10 / £8). Links and more details coming soon.


Odin's Raven Hugin

Sleipnir, the eight-legged horseThor's hammer, Mjolnir  Odin    Quarrying stone for Asgard