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Jason Buck telling stories for schoolchildren

Just brilliant. Bringing old tales to life“. Lorna, home educator, East Midlands

Really great story teller, informative, funny and highly expressive!! My hubby, my daughter and I found Jason’s retelling of the Norse myths to be an entertaining experience!!“. Andrea, Tyneside.

Viking stories and learning to play the hornAs well as telling stories and presenting workshops for adults, Jason also presents shows and workshops for young people and children, both for entertainment and also more focussed educational sessions and workshops.

He has worked with schools, colleges, universities and home education groups across England and Wales, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden.

This year he is also presenting ‘A Christmas Carol‘, in public and educational venues as well as working with a UK university to produce a course on story creation and storytelling for student teachers.

Example stories and workshops are listed below, but do contact Jason if you have any other ideas, as these are often easy to accommodate:

  • Presenting Big Wheel's 'Cracking Codebreakers' showA Christmas Carol (see below)
  • Creating narratives and stories workshop
  • Performance and drama workshops
  • The Labours of Hercules
  • Viking myths and legends
  • Spooky stories
  • Dragons of Britain

A Christmas Carol

The classic story of Christmas ghosts, and a miser’s redemption, presented in the way it was originally intended: spoken live to an audience. Award-winning storyteller Jason Buck brings this favourite to life, with humour and chills, for the winter season. Jason also includes a Q&A at the end for pupils and / or educators, to add to the text’s learning for English GCSEs.

Contact Jason to find out how to bring this to your school or group.

A Christmas Carol - storytelling