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His storytelling is like seeing your favourite film for the first time ever”. Mitchell, Southampton

Storytelling with wolvesDrawing on traditional favourites and introducing new ideas, Jason’s stories are told in the oldest and best ways – as live storytelling performances, for modern audiences and he has performed across the UK and mainland Europe, blending traditional and contemporary motifs, vocal sound effects and pure, unadulterated fantasy.

Jason tells stories to adults, and also young people and children, delivers training in storytelling and communication skills and writes and illustrates his own books.

The best way to reach him or see what he’s up to is through his Facebook page.

Yu Lung - Chinese Carp Dragon

We were enchanted from beginning to end, Jason Buck, is a great story teller, weaving his magic into tales that are vivid and linger afterwards. A history lesson into our mythical and intriguing factual past” Mel, Brighton

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