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­Jason has decades of experience bringing shows, workshops and interactive experiences to schools in the UK and Europe, from early years to university teacher training.


“The classes loved how interactive and expressive storytelling can be.”


Whether bringing curriculum texts to life, running interactive performance or writing workshops, or as a piece of educational entertainment, Jason will create an event that fits the needs of the students and teaching curriculum, with a Q&A for teachers and students, ideal for English, Drama, History, Religious Education and Sociology syllabuses.

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Michael Hall, Waldorf Steiner School (Forest Row, East Sussex)

I really cannot recommend Jason enough. The students of every age were enthralled by Jason's stories, as were the staff. From groups of seven year olds, surrounding Jason and bombarding him with enthusiastic questions, to sixth formers giving Jason a "that was so cool" with approving nods, everybody was not quite sure why he's not famous! On top of this there was significant educational content in the stories with animal education for the younger children to history, craft, and cultural education for the older children. As a result, the evening performance was extremely popular and brought joy and warmth to the whole school community. Emmeline Hawker, Head Teacher

St Mary’s Primary School (Bucknell, Shropshire)

Thank you so much for coming to visit us yesterday.  The children all loved meeting you and were inspired by the stories you told.  We had a lesson today in which we recapped all of the elements we could remember from your first today about Loki.  I was amazed at the detail they could recall from the exact names of the characters to the actions you used to describe each part of the story.  I have high hopes that they will produce some quality story writing of their own next week now! Eleri Hood, Teacher

Malvern St James Girls School (Worcestershire)

“We had an excellent celebration of World Book Day this year with Jason. During the morning he lead three workshops for Year 9, Year 7 and Year 10 pupils. The students really enjoyed the sessions and came away feeling both successful and creative.  He had pupils working in small groups and they used a range of inventive prompts given by Jason that they then had to weave into their own narrative and to make a story. Everyone got involved and there was lots of discussion and ideas sparking around the room. They had great fun and they certainly let their imagination fly resulting in some very funny and some darker and more eerie stories. Everyone had the opportunity to share with each other, prompting some lively performances. To round off, Jason demonstrated his craft through his retelling of a story of Viking origin. The classes loved how interactive and expressive storytelling can be. Everyone was hooked! The workshops were an entertaining, creative and enriching way to celebrate 25 years of World Book Day.” Dr Rebecca Jones, Head of Library & Learning Enrichment

Teignmouth Community School (Teignmouth, Devon)

"As an English teacher at a secondary school I'm always looking for enrichment opportunities for our students. I discovered Jason via his lunchtime stories for kids during lockdown, and although covid has kept him from visiting my school in person, we found a solution! To help with our teaching of Beowulf in Year 7, Jason recorded a wonderful telling of the story with a focus on its oral history. My students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it inspired them to produce their own puppet show adaptations of the tale. I'm so grateful that Jason spent so much time creating this valuable resource for us. For many of my students, it was their first experience of the power of storytelling." Jane Rose, Teacher

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