Stories from the Woods and Wild Places

Stories from the Woods and Wild PlacesA printed version of Jason’s sell out show of the same name, with an additional story, and illustrated by the author.

  • The Loom: Two children hope to find shelter in a crooked cottage in the woods but end up staying longer than they expected
  • Anastasia: A little girl gets lost in the winter forest. Can the beings from other worlds save her before the cold bites?
  • The Lost Lady of the Pines: An avenging ghost in the depths of the quiet pines
  • The Toad’s Tale: Someone’s worth cannot always be judged by how beautiful they may be, as the fox and heron find out
  • The Kelpie’s Bridle: A water monster, folklore fay, a blacksmith giant and a young woman’s struggle to rescue her lover

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Stories from the Towers of Stone and Steel

51wipxJFsmL._SX350_BO1,204,203,200_A new collection of stories for adults and young adults. Whereas most fairy tales start in enchanted woods and flowery meadows, these stories are set in towns and cities: Fantastical cities in the desert, the dark of modern day alternative London nightclubs, and locations in India and Japan. Written and illustrated by Jason Buck, storyteller and performer, these stories were first written for telling aloud, and have all been performed to live audiences.

  • Ink: Be careful what you wish for, in this tale of tarot, tattoos and magic, set in London’s alternative Camden Town
  • The Unluckiest Man on The Brass Coast: Luck and happiness cannot be made, even if you find your own magical Djinn
  • Dream Eater: In early 20th century Japan, a little girl’s grief brings a monster from her nightmares, and she calls to on her ancestors for help
  • Swipe right: A being older than the world watches over the city, looking for sin, in order to cleanse its own
  • The Onion Man: Is it a gift to be able to change one’s shape and appearance at will, or is it better for us to find our one true self?

Recommended age 13+

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